If a patient has a tooth that is fractured, decayed or has a fractured or missing filling Greg G Pitts DDS of American Fork, Utah, may tell them they need a crown. Dental crowns are restorations that cover a tooth to offer an extra layer of protection and to strengthen the tooth so it can function properly. At many dental practices in the area, the process of creating a dental crown from start-to-finish takes several weeks, though our practice is proud to offer one-stop visits for CEREC, same-day dental crowns.

How do CEREC crowns work?

The CEREC system allows our dentist to fabricate a durable and aesthetic restoration in a single appointment. Preparation, design and placement happen in the same visit, ensuring proper fit and function. Patients come into the office to have their tooth prepared, which includes shaping it and removing a sufficient amount of natural tooth enamel. Then, the tooth is scanned with our digital scanner, which transfers the design into the computer’s CAD/CAM software. A solid block of porcelain is placed into the machine, which mills the dental crown out and creates a beautiful, properly fitted restoration for the patient while they wait. Dental crowns are easily completed for patients during a single visit using the CEREC technology available in our office. 

How do I take care of my dental crown?

Many patients have questions regarding the care of their new CEREC (X2) restoration. Greg G. Pitts DDS and his team provides aftercare instructions for patients. CEREC (X2) restorations will need regular brushing and flossing, just like natural teeth. Patients are encouraged to come to their office every 6 months, or as recommended by your hygienist, for regular dental cleanings to maintain their oral health and wellness. 

Contact Greg G. Pitts DDS to learn more about CEREC dental crowns

American Fork, Utah area patients who need dental restorations such as dental crowns can work with our team of professionals to obtain same-day solutions. Contact our practice by calling (801) 758-0019 to request an appointment at our practice at 9 North 1100 East. We are always accepting new patients from the areas of Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Orem, Alpine, and Cedar Hills communities, just to name a few.