Restful sleep is on the horizon with Solea Sleep – the non-invasive way to treat snoring with laser technology

At Greg G. Pitts DDS, Aesthetic & Sports Dentistry, we use advanced tools such as Solea laser dentistry to perform a wide variety of soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (teeth) procedures comfortably, quickly, and precisely. Solea Sleep presents yet another way that lasers are revolutionizing treatments available at your trusted and friendly dentist’s office in American Fork, Utah.

Wake up to Solea Sleep

Solea Sleep is a non-invasive laser treatment for snoring. The most common type of snoring is called “palatal snoring.” It affects around 80% of individuals who are habitual snorers. The characteristic honking or grating sound that we recognize as a “snore” is the vibration produced by air flowing past lax tissues of the soft palate (roof of the mouth). Fortunately, Dr. Pitts can tighten these tissues painlessly, conservatively, and in a fast and affordable manner with Solea Sleep.

The process

If we determine that you can benefit from this advanced approach to snoring relief, Dr. Pitts will “prepare” the treatment site by applying a topical anesthetic for utmost comfort. This spray also helps to minimize potential gagging that can occur as the energy from the Solea Sleep is delivered to the tissues responsible for your snoring. Dr. Pitts precisely directs the laser toward the soft palate. As therapeutic energy targets these tissues, patients may feel a slight sensation of warmth. That quickly subsides as collagen fibers responsible for the palate’s firmness are tightened.

Solea Laser Dentistry at Greg G. Pitts DDS, Aesthetic & Sports Dentistry

Tissues no longer lax do not brush up against the air as it flows through the airway. When no vibration is produced, no snoring sound is produced. You and your partner and others in your household can finally get the restorative sleep that supports overall wellness and quality of life!

Our patients also appreciate that Solea Sleep is:

  • Fast – We can treat the area within just ten minutes.
  • No-downtime – The treatment site may feel a little sore or irritated. But those side effects are mainly temporary; they usually resolve within 24 hours.
  • Safe – Solea Sleep is an FDA-cleared technology. It is a low-risk alternative to conservative surgical procedures.
  • Gets lasting results – On average, tissues remain tightened for up to 12 to 15 months. After that, maintenance therapy is scheduled annually.
  • Affordable – Solea Sleep is also a more cost-effective and faster alternative to other laser systems designed to resolve snoring. This treatment is also an eligible health care expense for those patients with FSAs and HSAs.

Solea Sleep is clinically proven to be safe and effective for palatal or mouth snorers; however, it is not an appropriate option for patients with sleep apnea. Restful sleep is right around the corner, and it starts with a proper evaluation at our practice. Call Greg G. Pitts DDS at (801) 758-0019 to schedule your appointment in American Forks.