At the practice of Greg G. Pitts DDS, we use the Solea laser system on a daily basis for restorative treatments such as fillings, gingivectomies, frenectomies, canker sores, and much more.  The SOLEA® is the first FDA approved CO2 dental laser system and is an excellent option for preparing teeth for patients of all ages, who do not want to get numb as it causes virtually no pain or vibration. 

Our practice offers laser dental cleanings and periodontal disease treatment with the Solea laser technology, a highly advanced device that allows our team to provide the best, most modern solutions for oral health and wellness.

Patients diagnosed with periodontal disease, or “gum disease,” will find that this condition is chronic, silent, and painless. For extended periods, bacterial infections can be ignored and undetected until more severe problems occur, including the destruction of bone and the loss of natural teeth. When patients do not get a proper diagnosis they may be dealing with extensive loss of gum, bone, and teeth. It has been determined that 75% of Americans have some form or stage of periodontal disease, and only 3% will have it diagnosed and treated early enough to avoid irreversible damage to their smile.

Using laser therapy in dentistry is a conservative way of treating periodontal disease. The laser light works by evaporating tissues that are diseased while disinfecting the area as well. The treatment allows the gum pockets a chance to heal, allowing it to later become disease-free and provide a more normal pocket depth with time. Our laser therapy is: 

  • Comfortable
  • Gentle
  • Used to speed healing and recovery
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Appropriate for all stages of periodontal disease

Why is the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease important?

Periodontal disease is now known to be linked to systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Every patient in our practice routinely receives a periodontal examination to detect periodontal disease to help safeguard our patient’s overall health. 

Interested in learning more about laser dentistry?

Patients who are ready to speak to Greg G. Pitts DDS about effective treatments with Solea laser therapies are encouraged to schedule a consultation visit at our office by calling (801) 758-0019. Connect with our team today to find out if Solea laser treatment can help you restore your smile. The office is located at 9 North 1100 East and services patients in the surrounding communities, including Orem, Lehi, Alpine, Cedar Hills, and Lindon, Utah.