Opalescence Go Pre-loaded Whitening Trays


Opalescence Go is newest and most comfortable way to get professional whitening treatments whenever you want. Everything is pre-made and pre-loaded, all you have to do is put the tray in, and wait!

Developed with better fitting waxed trays, Opalescence Go uses ultra-strength Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten your teeth in the quickest way possible. And as an added bonus, Opalescence Go also contains Potassium Nitrate to reduce sensitivity, as well as Fluoride to help fight off cavities and strengthen the tooth enamel. Together they form a complete bleaching experience that means whiter and healthier teeth.


Each box comes with 20 trays: 10 for the bottom teeth, 10 for the top. With one box, you will see a visible difference in your teeth shade. All it takes is between 15 and 60 minutes of wear-time per day, so you can whiten in traffic, at work, in the shower, anywhere! And with such delicious flavors as mint or melon, you certainly won’t be complaining the entire time.

Get the easiest, best fitting, and most convenient disposable whitening regimen around!

-No impressions, no molds, no dentist visits
-Small and comfortable; fits to any mouth
-Soft, clear, and flexible tray material
-10% – wear 30–60 minutes for 5–10 days; 15% – wear 15–20 minutes for 5–10 days
-Melon and Mint flavors